the symptoms of herpes treatment

How to Get Rid of Genital Herpes Naturally With Aloe Vera

How to Get Rid of Herpes Naturally With Aloe Vera

The disease we know as herpes has been around us for a long time.
However, it was not until the 1960s, when it became known as the Sexual Revolution, that this was a disease that caused an epidemic phase.

Unfortunately, in a recent medical study it indicates that 20% (45 million) of the population of the United States older than 12 years have genital herpes, this is a reality that day by day goes with a significant increase.

The symptoms of this virus are tingling sensation in certain parts of the body, itching, burning and stinging.

Once we are under this infection our body will never be able to eradicate it completely as it is lodged in our body forever.

The only prevention that has been achieved is natural healing or known as alternative therapies.

Method on how we can cure herpes in a simple way:

• Cut 1 leaf of aloe vera
• Extract the juice from the leaf and place it in a bandage.
• Apply the bandage on the sores.
• In a time of 3 weeks you will see results.

It is very important that you take action to be told you to continuation:

• Get the necessary things for this procedure, which are bandages, scissors and aloe vera leaves.
• We prepare a schedule where we will set the schedule of each application, usually many people do it at night, since it is when more time gives them to do it.

In addition the treatment has better effect when being asleep even this is your choice but you must be disciplined and constant you should not interrupt any day of treatment from Monday to Monday until you see the expected results.

Dear visitor, this has been the most effective home remedy for treating genital herpes, please take action immediately to see the results!

the symptoms of herpes treatment

I Think i Have Genital Herpes Male What are the Symptoms of the Virus

I Think i Have Genital Herpes Male What are the Symptoms of the Virus

Genital herpes, or herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2), is a sexually transmitted disease that causes outbreak in the genitals of the men.
Once contracted, the virus remains in the body, in latent until an outbreak is triggered.

HSV-2 is much more common than most people think, about 1 in 5 people are currently carriers of the virus. This shows us that it is really alarming.

The symptoms of male genital herpes will be different from person to person, and many patients will not show any symptoms at all.

Herpes in Males Symptoms

⚫ tingling and itching in the genital area, not only in the penis but the whole area, including anus, crotch.

⚫ Blistering outbreaks in the genital area. These protrusions may be so small that they could be mistaken for simple grains or large blisters the size of a coin.

The blisters often break in such a way that the liquid they possess inside goes out to contaminate other areas of the body.
Hence the importance of taking care of this aspect, trying not to irrigate the liquid from the blisters to other areas of the body to prevent new infections in healthy skin.

⚫ flu-like symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, headache, dizziness and limb pain or tiredness (What doesn't always happen.)

⚫ The lymph nodes that are in the ingle can be affected and are shown to be inflamed.

⚫ Pain or burning during urination

If you are experiencing any of the previous symptoms, it is possible that you may be infected with the virus, as these symptoms are very common when you have genital herpes.

Also, remember that many men have no symptoms at all, so if you know you have had sexual contact with a person infected with HSV-2, I advise you to schedule a checkup and STD test with your doctor.
Don’t run out of hope if you know you have the herpes virus, now and thanks to alternative type treatments men have a chance to go back to living without herpes in the body.


The Symptoms of Herpes