Updated: October 25, 2021

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Herpes is probably the most rapidly spreading of all STDs today. Herpes is contagious and very dangerous. Eliminating herpes was not an easy job sometime back, but today there are many a medications are available in the market that boast to treat your herpes efficiently. But a very less percentage of those medications could actually do that. These medications only relieve you from the symptoms of herpes. These can remove the irritation on the sores well but are not a perfect cure, because they do not kill the virus completely and simply just delay the next outbreak of the disease. On the other hand many medications too have severe side effects that are more dangerous than the disease itself and may lead even to death. The most easy way to get relief from herpes is to get your immune system strong and cure it naturally. You need to have a healthy diet, avoiding sugar and alcohol will strong your back bone against herpes. You must eat food high in energy and low in organoyl. Having simple and natural foods like fruits, vegetables, meat and fish are a good food choices. Dr. Christine Beuhler has developed a same kind of program that is side effect proof and all natural. If you cannot judge which food is right and which is not, you can try it as an option. It has a very high success rate when it comes to eliminate herpes.

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