Updated: October 21, 2021

Female Genital Herpes and Symptoms in Women, How to Recognize Them Today

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Genital herpes symptoms in women are easily recognizable. They usually, come in the form of lesions, sores, or blisters that are found in the genital area.

It is not prudent to immediately conclude that you have herpes if you notice any of these symptoms, as they can also appear to women who suffer from vaginal yeast infection.
This is why it is important that women to see a doctor immediately after noticing the symptoms described above, so it can be determined with certainty whether or not they have genital herpes.
Herpes Symptoms in Women

In addition to lesions in the genital area, other symptoms of genital herpes in women include a feeling of itching, burning sensation in the genital area, and pain when urinating.

Women with genital herpes may experience swollen lymph nodes (usually in the groin), headache, muscle aches, back pain, and fever. Sometimes develops meningitis as a complication of genital herpes.

For women, genital herpes outbreaks can last about three weeks, normally the incubation period begins, say 7 days, after that time, the outbreak appears and then within another 7 days it "disappears", so to speak, because it is actually hidden in the body.
Complications can range from just being splashed towards the other regions of the genitals, until it causes a constant discomfort called, POST HERPETIC PAIN, which can hardly be eliminated, although it is not impossible, but you should be much more patient than with the treatment of simple herpes.

There are currently several home remedies that help in symptom management and are available. Having genital herpes is a serious matter, but that doesn't mean the end of the world for an infected person.

In fact, many people with the virus are able to live a healthy and happy life, as I administer this video.

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Female Genital Herpes and Symptoms in Women, How to Recognize Them Today

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